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YTW supply a series of Palm Oil product which include palm dried long fibre, palm decanter cake, palm kernel shell, palm pellet, palm mesocarp, palm acid oil, palm fatty acid distilled and palm high fatty acid CPO. Palm oil product from Malaysia contribute a lot of  benefits to some industry such as agriculture industry, chemical industry, energy industry, food industry and etc. It is useful in soap making, animal feed, organic fertilizer, electricity generation and bio- fuel production.

Our Palm Oil Products

Palm Acid Oil derived from palm oil mill effluent (POME). It generally used as a raw material for the manufacturing of animal feed, ingredient for laundry soap making, base material for bio-diesel manufacturing and for distilled fatty acid production.
Palm Fatty Acid Distilled is a processing residue from refining of palm oil. When extracted, PFAD produces Vitamin E which has large purposes in many fields, especially health. In addition, PFAD can utilized as a renewable raw material in bio-fuel production, candle and soap making and animal feed.

Free fatty acid are presented in crude palm oil but they are removed during refining process. The maximum free fatty acids content set by the Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia in crude palm oil is 5%. Thus, Palm high free fatty acid is crude palm oil that come with high FFA which can be classified into 7%, 15%, 20% and 30%. It is suitable for animal feed, soap making, bio-fuel and bio-diesel.